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Satoshi Kobayashi
​clarinet classroom


Information on clarinet lessons

"I can play alone, but I can't play well when I'm in an ensemble. ”

"The tone doesn't fit in with the people around me."

"I can't help but make mistakes in the same place."

​ We will solve your worries about playing the clarinet together.

​​I want to play that favorite song on the clarinet. I want to study with the aim of becoming a better student​, etc.We will teach at your desired pace. ​

In addition to technical matters, I give easy-to-understand and polite lessons that include music styles and analysis.

Guidance of the lesson venue

​ Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture

1 minute walk from Rengeji Station on the Hokusei Line

Parking available

lesson fee

​★Beginner course (from beginner to first year)

30 minutes: from 3000 yen

★ Intermediate course (those who have been playing musical instruments for several years, who are involved in hobbies or club activities)

40 minutes: from 4000 yen

★ Advanced course (music college, high school entrance examination, music college graduate, etc.)

​ 60 minutes: from 5000 yen


​Business trip lesson

​ Lessons will be held at the home, rental studio, or school of the person taking the lesson.

★Individual lessons: From 5,000 yen per hour (Transportation expenses will be charged separately.)

★ Group lesson: From 10,000 yen per hour (Transportation fee will be charged separately.)

​ Please use the inquiry form to contact us regarding general instruction and part-playing for brass bands and orchestras.

メサジェ/コンクールのソロ A.Messager/Solo de Concours pour Clarinette et piano

メサジェ/コンクールのソロ A.Messager/Solo de Concours pour Clarinette et piano

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You can listen to Kobayashi's performance.

Instructor profile

小林 聡(こばやし さとし)