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Instrumentation : Clarinet Octet or Choir

arranged by Satoshi Kobayashi

Playing time : 3'00"

Difficulty level : 2

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Description : A composer born in Broadheath, England. His representative works include "Enigma Variations" and "Pomp and Circumstance”. “Love’s Greeting" was given to commemorate the engagement with his wife, and various editions such as piano solo, violin and piano, and orchestra have been made. Caroline Alice, his wife, became his disciple when Elgar was 29. The marriage with her, the daughter of a lieutenant in the Army, did not seem to be blessed due to differences in her status. Alice made effort  that Elgar keep  in the spotlight as a composer.

It may be the reason why this  pieces are full of beautiful and loving charm.

In this Score for clarinet octet or choir, the key is changed to E-flat major instead of original E major to match the characteristics of the clarinet. The alt clarinet can be replaced with Bb clarinet 6, and the contrabass clarinet can be replaced with a contralt clarinet or contrabass.

Edward Elgar / Salut D'amour Op.12 (Clarinet Octet or Choir)

  • Composer

    Edward Elgar

  • Title

    Edward Elgar / Salut D'amour

  • Instrumentation

    Clarinet Octet or Choir

  • Parts

    B♭Clarinet 1

    B♭Clarinet 2

    B♭Clarinet 3

    B♭Clarinet 4

    B♭Clarinet 5

    Alto Clarinet (Option B♭Clarinet 6)

    Bass Clarinet

    Contralto Clarinet (Option Contralto Clarinet or Double Bass)

  • Price


  • Size / Pages

    210 × 297 mm / 8pgs.

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