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3 × B♭Clarinets、1 × Bass Clarinet

Gershwin / Three Preludes

  • Instrumentation

    B♭Clarinet 1

    B♭Clarinet 2

    B♭Clarinet 3

    Bass Clarinet

  • Playing time


  • Grade


  • Size / Pages

    210 × 297 mm / 12pgs.

  • Description

    A work when Gershwin was 26 years old. The style that combines jazz, blues, and ragtime with classics now feels like a synonym for American music, but at the time of the announcement, it seemed strange and novel. The first song is a bright and cheerful melody with a bluesy tone over a Latin atmosphere reminiscent of Brazilian music. The second song feels lonely in a blues lullaby. In the third song, the cool and urban expression in the short motivation makes the jazz color feel deep.

  • Form of Selling

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  • arrangement

    Satoshi Kobayashi

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