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Chabrier/Rhapsody “Spain” (clarinet octet or choir)

Rhapsody ``Spain'' is a modern French composition or a representative orchestral work by Emmanuel Chabrier. It's a song with gorgeous colors and a passionate Spanish atmosphere. You can enjoy playing at various occasions such as concerts and contests. Although the difficulty level is a bit high, the arrangement makes use of the characteristics of the original song.

This arrangement is designed to allow a variety of performances, from a minimum of eight people to a large choir.

Chabrier/Rhapsody “Spain” (clarinet octet or choir)

  • composer

    Emmanuel Chabrier

  • Song title

    Rhapsody "Spain"

  • organization

    clarinet octet or choir

  • part


    E♭Clarinet1,2 (for Choir)

    B♭Clarinet 1

    B♭Clarinet 2

    B♭Clarinet 3

    B♭Clarinet 4

    B♭Clarinet 5

    B♭Clarinet 6(for Choir)

    B♭Clarinet 7(for Choir)

    B♭Clarinet 8(for Choir)

    B♭Clarinet 9(for Choir)

    B♭Clarinet 10(for Choir)

    Bass Clarinet in B♭

    Bass Clarinet in B♭1,2(for Choir)

    Contralto Clarinet in B♭(Option Contralto Clarinet in E♭ or Double Bass)

  • Performance time

    Approximately 6 minutes 24 seconds

  • grade


  • Size/number of pages

    257 × 364 mm / 53 pages (score), 210 × 297 mm (part score)

  • Sales form

    download sales

  • arranger

    Satoshi Kobayashi

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